Group Classes

Join our community and workout with a group!

Class Options

  • 12 Classes per month: $140 per month
  • 16 Classes per month: $155 per month
  • Unlimited Classes per month: $169 per month
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$ 20/Class $50/Month

Olympic Weightlifting

Group Classes Every Sunday @ 8:30am

Coached by Phil Cavero you’ll learn safety, olympic weightlifting mechanics, and the strength needed to perform olympic lifts.

It’s like working with a with the Black Belt. It’s also a great way to supplement what’s going on in CrossFit group classes if you become a full-time member!

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Free Beginner Lessons

Upon Re-Opening After Quarantine

Beginner Classes


Beginner Classes


All sessions focus around mechanics (how you move), an encouraging environment, and continuously educating our clients about why constantly varied functional movement executed at high-intensity is beneficial for every body.


  • Intro to CrossFit
  • Fundamentals
  • Why we scale movements
  • A CrossFit Workout at your own pace

CrossFit Group Classes


$140 12 classes per month
$155 16 classes per month
$169 Unlimited classes per month
  • 60-Minute Classes
  • Instructed by a CF-L1 Trainer or higher
  • 5-10 Minute Instructed Warm-Up
  • 10-20 Minute Instructed Skill or Strengthening Movements
  • 10-20 Minute CrossFit Workout of The Day that is explained, and demonstrated by the trainer.
  • All trainers assist in scaling, and adjusting movements for each movement if and when necessary.

*All Memberships are charged on the 1st of the Month and prorated depending on your start date.


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